The PAMET Insignias



symbolizes the continuous involvement where practice and education must always be integrated


is the trilogy of love, respect and integrity

Microscope & Snake

symbolize the science of Medical Technology profession


the color of health


the year of first PAMET election

Vision and Mission


PAMET shall be the constant prime mover in advancing the Medical Laboratory Science profession for the continuous growth and development of its members.


To realize its vision, PAMET shall be an association that will uphold professional core values; develop and sustain comprehensive programs to enhance competencies of the Medical Laboratory Science professionals; collaborate with the different stakeholders of health and make its services important to the beneficiaries of its services.

Core Values


Integrity is the strict adherence to a moral code, reflected in transparent honesty, truthfulness, accuracy, accountable of one’s actions and complete harmony in what one thinks, says, and does


Professionalism refers to the positive traits and values, moral responsibility, social responsiveness and behavioral outlook which makes one highly respectable and credible


Commitment is the unconditional, unwavering and selfless dedication that one builds-in into the practice of the profession characterized by initiative, creativity and resourcefulness to bring about quality health care and service to the public


Excellence is the high quality performance by advocating and adhering to international standards making services globally comparable competence


Unity is the necessary linkage, support, involvement and sharing that will increase the success and advancement of every individual member and the association in general



From various lands, races and places
With grateful hearts we raise our voices
This day to our beloved PAMET
From whence unity and love cometh

We join together in brotherhood
To live up to thine ideals we should
In fields advancement and learning
Thy noble goals maybe our bearing

Loyal and true we’ll be to thee
Beloved PAMET this we say,
For service to God and humanity,
With joy we sing for thee ‘til eternity

“Beloved PAMET” was written by Hector G. Gayares, Jr. and placed into music by Francis Jerota Pefanco Both were Medical Technology students of Philippine Union College (PUC), now known as Adventist University of the Philippines, at the time of the composition.

Based on a circular passed by PAMET sometime in summer of 1989 summoning a hymn composition that would depict the ideals and principles of the association, Hector decided to scribble a few hymn lines With a sustaining inspiration, the two stanzas of the hymn were completed. Hence, the hymn was presented to Francis, his classmate, who rushed to the piano and tried to fit in some music to the words, thus notes flowed through the lyrics of the refrain.

Suggestions and advice from another Med. Tech. student named Roselyn P. Villones who edited the lyrics of the hymn finally completed the musical score.

Following an important accomplishment of these musically talented Medical Technology students, the hymn was first heard in public during the 25th National Convention of the Philippine Association of Medical Technologists (PAMET) at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) on November 22, 1989 The hymn was sung by a 20-member choir composed of Medical Technology interns and clinical students in four voices.

The applause earned by the rendition of the hymn spoke for a gracious endorsement by the audience.

The hymn, true enough to be stately, dignified and reverent has answered PAMET’S yearning for a hymn of its own…PAMET has now a song to sing to the world Intended for the songwriting competition for the PAMET Hymn, the musical piece submitted by the PUC students was accepted by the PAMET Board.

PAMET Prayers

Medical Technologist's Prayer

God, who by calling us to the vocation of a medical technologists, has placed upon us the obligation of being a constant help in the scientific care of the sick, grant us by thy divine light a deep insight into the serious responsibilities of our task

By thy divine wisdom, awaken in us a growing zeal and determination to increase our knowledge of how to search for the underlying causes of sickness and disease; how to recognize the evidence of physical changes; how to make important chemical analyses, and other valuable test so helpful in caring for the sick

By thy divine love, permit us in this way to share with those who directly care for the sick, that thus we may be of constantly working through the eternal physician, Christ our Lord, Amen.

PAMET Prayers

O Lord, allow us to express our thanksgiving for the wonderful gifts of wisdom, perseverance and dedication that you have implanted in us.

Guide us in our deliberation and discussion so that we could welcome suggestions and criticisms, good or bad. Help us listen, understand, support and respect one another, empower us to develop our self awareness and maturity.

Guide us to move in one direction for a greater service to others through the Medical Technology Profession This we ask through Christ. AMEN.

Dear Lord:
There were some difficult decisions to make
So many obligations to be done
There are so many deadlines to be met
There are some duties to perform

Thank you Lord:
For giving us the solutions; for giving us the time and the strength to perform all our duties and for the good camaraderie and understanding amongst us all.
Thank You Father in JESUS HOLY NAME, AMEN.