Local Affiliations

Philippine Blood Coordinating Council (PBCC)

A professional, multi-sectoral, dynamic and innovative organization committed to the promotion of voluntary donation, the provision of safe quality blood and the rational use of blood products by health service providers by advocacy, professional education, technical assistance to policy makers in national and local government agencies and private organizations, networking and research.

PBCC's Objectives

  1. To disseminate correct information to the public including children, regarding the benefits and advantages of Voluntary Blood Donation;
  2. To motivate different sectors of the society to donate blood voluntarily in order to ensure safer transfusion and to discourage the paid system;
  3. To educate medical and paramedical personnel regarding the proper utilization of blood;
  4. To promote the use of blood component therapy to utilize blood to the fullest;
  5. To improve blood banking procedures and policies especially in hospital-based blood bank;
  6. To promote the interchange of concepts and experiences in blood donation and transfusion practices;
  7. To foster participation in international activities in Blood Banking and Transfusion

Source: http://pbcc.ph

Philippine Society of Pathologists (PSP)

PSP in one of the eight medical specialty societies recognized by the Philippine Medical Association. It is presently compose of 600 members with its own office building at 114 Malakas Street, Diliman, Quezon City.

The PSP was established with the following major purpose and objectives.

  1. To promote the practice of pathology by stimulating better appreciation and proper evaluation of laboratory services among physicians, hospitals and the public in general
  2. To prescribe standards in the laboratory procedures, techniques and management
  3. To foster and maintain the highest standards in education, research and practice of pathology
  4. To unify the pathologists in the Philippine into one cohesive and productive organization
  5. To promote the welfare of the members of the society
  6. To determine the competence of those desiring to practice this specialty and its subspecialties
  7. To established cordial relationships among the members of this society and other national and international scientific societies

Source: http://psp.org.ph/about-psp/

Philippine Council for Quality Assurance in Clinical Laboratories (PCQACL)

The Philippine Council for Quality Assurance in Clinical Laboratories (PCQACL) is a duly SEC-registered, non-profit Philippine organization composed of leading Philippine professional medical societies whose membership, in turn, is composed of healthcare experts such as pathologists, medical technologists, hospital administrators, other healthcare professionals, as well as industry partners.